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VE3LSG VE3TEJ 04/05 12:46:47z Reply Sounds good{07
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 04/05 12:44:53z Send another special event station 100 years of the RCAF{69
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 04/05 12:44:28z Send another I worked VY2RCAF last night from PEI{68
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 03/26 13:04:07z Reply Ok{18
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 03/26 13:03:43z Send another I will{66
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 03/26 13:03:28z Reply u 2{17
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 03/26 13:02:20z Send another Keep your feet dry{65
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 03/25 12:16:41z Reply APU25N
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 03/25 12:16:40z Reply VE3LSG>APWW11,qAO,VE3MNX
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 03/25 12:16:40z Send another ?APRST
VE3TEJ VA3AZA-9 03/23 18:14:48z Send another Have a good trip to Chatham{64
VE3TLT-9 VE3TEJ 02/13 22:36:28z Reply hello....{30
VE3TEJ VE3TLT-9 02/13 22:35:49z Send another hello there{63