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WHO-IS VE3LSG 12/10 15:46:40z Reply Raymond Lawhead/ON/Canada{L4}DS
VE3LSG WHO-IS 12/10 15:46:40z Send another VA3RAW{DS}
VE3LSG VE3MCA-5 12/08 13:47:10z Send another yeah, focused!{ND}
VE3MCA-5 VE3LSG 12/08 13:44:48z Reply Hopefully we have the same perspective {68
VE3LSG VE3MCA-5 12/08 13:42:50z Send another just c eye 2 eye with the doc lol! 73's!{NC}
VE3MCA-5 VE3LSG 12/08 13:41:56z Reply looks like nice day for December. take care 73{67
VE3LSG VE3MCA-5 12/08 13:41:29z Send another have fun{NB}
VE3LSG VE3MCA-5 12/08 13:41:20z Send another ok, I have one in Jan. lol{NA}
VE3MCA-5 VE3LSG 12/08 13:40:41z Reply not bad, just heading to optometrist appointment. {66
VE3LSG VE3MCA-5 12/08 13:39:44z Send another getting better tnx and u?{MZ}
VE3MCA-5 VE3LSG 12/08 13:39:08z Reply no worries hw ru?{65
VE3LSG VE3MCA-5 12/08 13:38:34z Send another I missed your last call sorry!{MY}
VE3MCA-5 VE3LSG 12/08 13:37:50z Reply gm Russ{64
VE3LSG VE3MCA-5 12/08 13:37:23z Send another gm mARC :-){MX}
WHO-IS VE3LSG 12/08 13:31:52z Reply Kyle MacKinnon/ON/Canada{4E}MW
VE3LSG WHO-IS 12/08 13:31:52z Send another VE3MNX{MW}4D
WHO-IS VE3LSG 12/08 13:15:52z Reply Matthew Geddes/ON/Canada{4D}MV
VE3LSG WHO-IS 12/08 13:15:51z Send another VE3DIZ{MV}
VE3LSG VE3MNX-9 12/08 13:05:29z Send another GM{MU}
VA3DVR-14 VE3LSG 12/05 12:53:26z Reply hi{91
VE3LSG VA3DVR-14 12/05 12:52:09z Send another Good morning Martin!{QK}
WHO-IS VE3LSG 12/04 13:08:37z Reply B5/Michael A Elliott/ON/Canada{2Z}TX
VE3LSG WHO-IS 12/04 13:08:37z Send another VA3FES{TX}
K2NV VE3LSG 12/03 22:16:19z Reply messages... 73{12
VE3LSG KC2WBX-2 12/03 13:55:45z Send another GM!{OB}
VE3LSG K2NV 12/03 13:55:39z Send another Hello!{OC}
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 12/03 13:52:53z Send another test :-){OA}
VE3LSG WHO-IS 12/03 13:51:43z Send another VA3CQC{NZ}
VE3LSG WHO-IS 12/03 13:51:40z Send another AA:AFK! Sorry-Russ, 73's!
WHO-IS VE3LSG 12/03 13:51:09z Reply A/Jeff Rishea/ON/Canada{2Y}NZ
VE3LSG WHO-IS 12/02 13:29:38z Send another VA3DWL{HU}
WHO-IS VE3LSG 12/02 13:27:52z Reply David R. Ledyit/ON/Canada{2X}HU
VE3LSG VA3DVR-14 11/30 14:19:24z Send another GM Marty!{SV}
VE3LSG VA3MSV-9 11/25 14:08:17z Send another GM John and Ruth!{05
VE3LSG VE3LSG-7 11/24 13:59:08z Send another hello{04
VE3LSG VE3LSG-7 11/24 13:55:29z Send another test{YA}
WHO-IS VE3LSG 11/24 13:53:22z Reply Mike Lantz/ON/Canada{TU}TG
VE3LSG WHO-IS 11/24 13:53:22z Send another VE3WNP{TG}
WHO-IS VE3LSG 11/18 12:39:24z Reply Kyle MacKinnon/ON/Canada{AX}NA
VE3LSG WHO-IS 11/18 12:39:24z Send another VE3MNX{NA}
VE3LSG VE3MCA-5 11/17 13:54:47z Send another Hi Marc!! Sorry I missed your call the last time you were on APRS.+{WN}
WHO-IS VE3LSG 11/16 16:49:18z Reply B/Christopher James Landry/ON/Canada{QW}JV
VE3LSG WHO-IS 11/16 16:49:17z Send another VE3BRJ{JV}
VE3LSG K2NV 11/09 14:08:27z Send another hello{03
VE3LSG VA3CQC-3 11/09 14:07:24z Send another hello{02
VE3LSG VA3RHH-9 11/09 14:05:47z Send another Hello{01
VE3LSG VE3VR-9 11/09 14:03:35z Send another Hello{00
VA3ZXN-9 VE3LSG 11/09 14:02:46z Reply rej99
VE3LSG VA3ZXN-9 11/09 14:02:36z Send another Good morning!{99
VE3LSG VE3LSG-9 11/06 11:46:35z Send another l;lknlj;lkj;{PK}
VE3LSG VE3LSG-9 11/06 11:46:33z Send another gfjhkjhklkjl;;lk{PJ}
VE3LSG VE3LSG-9 11/06 11:29:11z Send another kjhhoihoiopihoi9{PI}
VE3LSG VE3LSG-1 11/04 13:07:38z Send another [{RM}
VE3LSG VE3LSG-1 11/04 13:07:32z Send another ;l[[]{RL}
VE3LSG VE3LSG-1 11/04 13:07:28z Send another ,:l'{RK}
WHO-IS VE3LSG 10/30 11:35:05z Reply David R. Ledyit/ON/Canada{QZ}CY
VE3LSG WHO-IS 10/30 11:35:04z Send another VA3DWL{CY}
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 10/26 12:47:07z Send another yes{03
VE3TEJ VE3LSG 10/26 12:46:33z Reply nice{57
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 10/26 12:42:37z Send another GM Jim.U and I seem the only 2 hams that text on APRS!{02
VE3LSG VE3CEA-7 10/26 12:26:57z Send another Good morning!{01
WHO-IS VE3LSG 10/21 12:19:13z Reply Marc Mueller/ON/Canada{XK}PN
VE3LSG WHO-IS 10/21 12:19:13z Send another VE3MCA{PN}
VE3LSG VE3LSG-1 10/21 12:17:36z Send another ''...NNNJBBBB{PM}
VE3LSG VE3LSG-1 10/21 12:17:29z Send another '\]P[]\P[][{PL}
VE3LSG VA3LSG 10/21 12:15:08z Send another ]']\=P{PK}
VE3LSG VA3LSG 10/21 12:15:01z Send another \{PJ}
VE3LSG VE3WXZ 10/15 13:47:48z Send another GM{CZ}
VE3LSG K2BRT-9 10/15 13:33:11z Send another GM{CY}
VE3LSG VA3MSV-9 10/14 14:02:54z Send another :-){13
VE3LSG VE3TEJ-15 10/13 13:32:41z Send another :-{12
VE3LSG VA3LSG 10/12 11:49:32z Send another ?APRSP
VE3LSG VE3TEJ-15 10/11 13:50:12z Send another :-){10
VE3LSG VA3LSG 10/10 12:55:43z Send another testing{23
WHO-IS VE3LSG 10/09 13:39:27z Reply Ido Nassimi/Israel{JP}NA
VE3LSG WHO-IS 10/09 13:39:26z Send another 4X5MG{NA}
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 10/07 12:41:35z Send another :-){9
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 10/06 13:37:12z Send another :-){8
VE3LSG VE3TEJ 10/02 12:19:34z Send another :-){7