VE3KCN-7 messages

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VE3WNP-9 VE3KCN-7 07/30 22:40:48z Reply Hello{1
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 22:33:13z Reply Sour candy is better than non-sour candy{0E}
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:58:33z Send another Or even radioworld, 2m ones aren't that bad new {9
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:58:15z Send another Yeah fair. Check and{8
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:58:03z Reply I'd prefer a brand name like Yaesu or ICOM or Kenwood{0D}7
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:57:49z Reply Might look on used market{0C}7
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:57:33z Send another Mine is an FT857, not made anymore. Does HF and all mode V/U (SSB){7
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:56:58z Send another decent. Not baofeng bad {6
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:56:55z Send another Can get a decent one for like $150 from China... and I do mean {5
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:56:40z Reply What model is yours again?{0B}4
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:56:32z Reply True. Thinking of purchasing a VHF/UHF base station{0A}4
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:56:01z Send another point{4
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:55:59z Send another Indeed. Just a shame neither of us are via RF which is kinda the {3
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:55:40z Reply Oops. Well at least it's working now.{09}2
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:55:19z Send another These all sent at once lol {2
VE3KCN-7 VA3XMR 07/23 20:55:12z Send another What in the {1
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:55:00z Reply Testing message{08}
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:54:59z Reply Please report wx in your area{07}
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:54:58z Reply Direct path test{06}
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:54:57z Reply Last attempt, please report wx in your area if able{05}
VA3XMR VE3KCN-7 07/23 20:54:55z Reply Plz report wx in your area{04}